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Organic Date Seed oil for skin health Sale Best Price Erbil Kurdistan Iraq

Our date seed oil is organic. It is good for skin health. We are ready to export it to Erbil Kurdistan Iraq. We offer the best price with high quality.

 Date seed oil extracting method

Some of the Iranian company do research and experimentation to extracting oil from date seed. Therefore, they have made successful method to developing a unique way of extracting date seed oil. Any fruits have their own special way to extract oil. The innovative method here does not use oiling method with adding oil or base materials.  it does not just use cold pressing method alone.

There are a number of key and sensitive points in the preparation and processing of date seed prior to oil extraction that have played an important role in the quality and health of the extracted oil. We declare that the date seed oil by this method is wholly safe, pure, and preserved all its minerals and vitamins.

Characteristics of date seed oil

This oil contains many vitamins including: A, B, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12 and other vitamins. Also it contains minerals such as: iron, calcium, magnesium, Zinc, potassium, phosphorus, manganese. Furthermore, it has fatty acids which is useful substance for our body. The main feature of this date seed oil is its rapid absorption into the skin.  So it quickly absorbs nutrients and vitamins into the skin and cells. It will be visible and desired in a short period of time. This date seed oil is good for rejuvenation, clarity, wrinkles and face and hand stains, burns skin repair, eczema and all skin types. It can be used to wrinkles removal round the eyes.

Uses of date seed oil and its effects

Date seed oil has a very effective variety of vitamins for skin, hair and nails. That is affect on skin cells, roots and hair follicles due to the high absorption rate into the pores and delivering the necessary vitamins and minerals. The skin, hair and nails cause transparency, rejuvenation, wrinkles and skin repair and by transferring these vitamins to the root and onion hair and strengthening it. This oil prevents hair loss and help hair regrowth. The seed oil transfers necessary vitamin to strengthen and thicken the hair and repair the nails.

Organic Date Seed oil for skin health Sale Best Price Erbil Kurdistan Iraq
Organic Date Seed oil for skin health Sale Best Price Erbil Kurdistan Iraq

Uses of date seed oil

Essential for strengthening, rejuvenation, transparency, wrinkles and skin repair , preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth , strengthening and repairing nails.

How to use

After washing your hands, face and hair, dry them. Then drop oil into your hands and fingertips. Massage gently for a few seconds. After 15 seconds, the oil absorbs into the skin and makes it completely soft and moist. It is best not to use a cream or other moisturizer while using the oil to have more effect on the skin and skin cells.

For use the palm over your head and hair, it is best to wash your head and hair. After drying, with a few drops of date seed oil, massaging with your fingertips and distributing the oil evenly across hair and hair.

After a few seconds, the oil completely absorbs the scalp and will affect the roots and hair follicles. It should be noted that when you massage the scalp with or without massage, the fat cells in the scalp become active and the hair becomes greasy. So the best time to use date seed oil is at night before bedtime. After the massage you can shower or wash your head tomorrow morning, you will find that your hair will be brighter and softer.

Use for moisturizing wrinkles, wrinkles around your eyes

Due to its rapid absorption into the thin skin around the eyes and face skin, the vitamins and minerals in this absorbed oil quickly create the necessary moisture in the skin. As resulting of using date seed oil, it moisturized and causes high elasticity and wrinkles.

Date seed oil for nail repair

Many women have brittle nails due to calcium deficiency or nail implantation. So it can be applied to their nails daily or thrice a day. You can use less than a drop of date seed oil which is healed after a few days. And it will help strengthening the nails.

Best price high quality

Date seed oil can be use directly as a lotion for your face, hand, body, hair and nail. It is 100 % pure, natural and organic. Comparable price different package, bottle and size are attracting everybody. Lots of people think about product which has not any additive substance. They like to have oil with no chemical ingredient, and no preservative.

This date seed oil is something which many costumers like it.

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