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Medicinal Benefits, Date Seed Oil Manufacturer Producer Company Middle East Iran

Date seed oil manufacture therapeutic effects and medicinal benefits are well developed. Most Producer, manufacture company and factory of this healthy products is located in middle east. Iran is one the best exporter in both quality and price in the world.

Date Seed oil manufacture

Date, date seed and date seed oil is one of the energetic bombs with numerous and sub-properties of medicinal properties. Date has devoted itself so that even people have taken oil from this seed.

Date seed oil comes from the palm fruit pulp and has many therapeutic and medicinal properties. In this article you can find the magical properties of date seed oil. so join us to know more.

What do you know about the magical properties of date seed oil?

 Medicinal benefits of date seed oil

Dates have many properties, and most importantly, they are a great source of energy. When you eat dates with tea, the sugar absorbed by the dates is twice as much as the dates themselves. This absorbs a lot of energy at once, and tiredness will soon be gone.

New research confirms the benefits of incorporating date fruits into the diet throughout the year. In principle, a healthy diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables has been accepted as a way to reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer.

Properties of date seed

Among the amazing properties of date palm and its seed can be considered one of the medicinal properties of palm seed. People who have runny eyes due to seasonal or light or drug sensitivity can crush, boil a few dates, and apply it to the eye after cleansing. Some believe that date seed powder is also used to increase visual strength. It can be used instead of springs.

Other therapeutic uses of date seed are toothache relief. Putting some of the date seed powder will eliminate the toothache.

What is date seed oil?

Date oil is extracted from the palm fruit pulp or its seed, each of which has its own characteristics. Because of its high carotene content in date oil, it is orange and yellow, it has a slightly sweet taste.

It contains a large amount of carotenoids and a great natural source of vitamin E tocopherol. It is also rich in bioactive substances. (date oil is relatively resistant to high temperature oxidation.)

Medicinal and therapeutic benefits of date seed oil

Date oil has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. One of the properties of date seed oil manufacture is the treatment of gastric ulcer. People with hair loss are also advised to use date seed oil for treatment. It is interesting to know that palm kernel oil is used to make detergents, especially body detergents such as soap and shampoo.

The date seed oil manufacture is mainly composed of fatty triglycerides, which contain about 80% saturated fat and 20% unsaturated fat. Date oil can be used in a number of products, including margarine, vegetable oil, cream, chocolate and ice cream.

Medicinal Benefits, Date Seed Oil Manufacturer Producer Company Middle East Iran

Benefits of date seed oil

1- No cholesterol or zero cholesterol

One of the benefits of date seed oil is the lack of cholesterol in this food. Due to the cholesterol-free nature of vegetable and margarine oils, such as date seed oil, there have been some speculations that these types of oils and fats are healthier. However, margarine containing trans fats can lead to heart disease.

Date seed oil is a good alternative to butter in the cooking process and is more suitable for people with high cholesterol and heart disease.

2. Vitamin k

Date oil contains vitamin k, vitamin k is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for bone health and important as a coagulation factor in blood. While you can potentially get 67% of your daily vitamin k allowance from a cup of palm kernel oil, but it is not highly recommended.

3. life Longevity

While the overall health benefits of date see oil may be those advertised by the commercial food industry, but according to the US Palm Oil Council, date palm oil is suitable for resistance to oxidation at high cooking temperatures, which is an alternative It is better than other vegetable oils for commercial fried products such as donuts, potato chips and fries.

4. Vitamin A

Palm oil contains vitamin A, which is suitable for eye and night vision disorders.

5. Vitamin E

Oil of date palm has vitamin E which can prevent wrinkles. It is suitable for strengthening hair and reducing hair loss and makes the skin soft. It is generally recommended for nutrition as well, but it should be noted that there are two types of palm kernel oil – one derived from palm fruit itself and another from palm kernel oil.

Importer, wholesaler, distributor date seed oil

Company or person who are interested to buy and sell this unique healthy product are welcome. It will be used as a cosmetic, medicine or as a food for everybody. You can sell it directly or indirectly to anyone who interested in date seed oil.

High quality, nice packaging and comparable price, can attract different taste. Please contact with us to know more about it.

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