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Buy Pure Organic Lip Balm with Date Seed Oil and Natural Beeswax

Our pure organic lip balm contains date seed oil and natural beeswax. The ingredients of our lip balm completely natural with no chemical substances.

Lip balm

Lip balm is a topical ointment for the treatment of lip diseases. Like other parts of the body, the lip can be exposed to sun damage and dehydration, especially when exposed to long-term sunlight. Although there are plenty of lipstick products in many beauty and drug stores, many do not have SPF or softening properties.

Ingredients of lip balm

Most of the ingredients in lip balm include beeswax or carnival wax, camphor, ethyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin and petroleum. Some types of it contain color, flavor, fragrance, phenol, salicylic acid and sunscreen. You know some of them is not good for your health.

Aoma or odor

Some lip balms have substances that do more harm than good, especially if they have aroma or odor. Adding fragrances is the biggest problem for users. Some have a cinnamon scent and can hurt your dry lips. You know, with cracked lips, eating something spicy can burn your lips.

Buy Pure Organic Lip Balm with Date Seed Oil and Natural Beeswax
Buy Pure Organic Lip Balm with Date Seed Oil and Natural Beeswax

Menthol and vitamin E

Menthol is another major problem. The coolness of this material on the lips can be calming you. But it may make your lips more sensitive to the material you intend to protect your lips. Vitamin E is another supplement that some people have severe allergic reactions to it.

Damages that hit your lips

Our Lip Balm with date seed oil and beeswax is a completely organic and natural production. It has been used as a balm and moisturizer. This organic and natural ptoduct is useful for removing dry and flaky lips.

This balm does not cause any harm to the lips and skin. Due to the use of date seed oil, vitamins and minerals, it quickly absorbs by lip skin and eliminates dryness and luminosity.

Our lip balm date seed oil and beeswax contain:

40% date seed oil

40% natural beeswax

Twenty percent of the natural ingredients needed to make it which are made from strawberry essential oil.

The product with date seed oil and beeswax is completely organic and made from natural and special ingredients. In addition to creating luster and moisturizing lips, vitaminize the lips through the vitamins and minerals. For those who suffer from dryness and scaling of their lips, it quickly improves and nourishes their lips.

Buy lip balm with date seed oil and natural beeswax

Our Lips are so sensitive. It shows our beauty and love. To use the natural, pure and organic lip balm give us more happiness and health, It shows we are full of energy. Buy and use this kinds of lip balm improve our healthy life. Also you can buy and send it to your beloved one as birthday gift, or valentine gift.

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